25 years.

What a milestone to look back upon and think of all the dreams I had when I was younger for what life would be like when I was 25.


Right Where I Am.

It sounded so nice; I felt like I believed it and I truly wanted to... but I realized my problem was I didn't feel worthy of even receiving his steadfast love.

B A C K.

I have horrible grammar, love run-on sentences, use way too many commas, and have a hard time coming up with "smart" words to use. But... I keep hearing God calling me back.

Wedding Season

There comes a time in your life when all your high school friends (and everyone else around you) enter into that next stage of life. And I’m not talking about college or graduating – although those happen too – I’m talking about marriage.

The Big News!

This is a big part of my personal life that I wanted to share. Before you click out and assume you’ll get nothing from this – give it a read! I think you’ll relate and (hopefully) be inspired.

Why Forgiveness Is So Hard

I've had the unfortunate privilege to learn about forgiveness this past year and a half. Unfortunate, because I wouldn't wish to go through what has happened in my life; but a privilege because I've gotten to an even deeper level with Jesus and have learned just a small portion about his love.